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Dr.A.Dominic XaviarM.Sc., M.Phil., PGDHRM., Ph.D(HC)., M.A.,Ph.D(Pursuing)

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Dr. A.Dominic Xaviar, a Well Renowned Psychologist, the Founder of Yana Counselling Centre

He is an erudite Veteran & was a limelight professional Psychologist as per MHCA 2017. He is currently a Counselling Psychologist Virtuoso, serving for around 10 years, providing therapy support and treating psychological problems by tracing its intensity and grass roots on socio economic occupational basis.

He pursued his Postgraduate degrees in applied psychology, Undergraduate in psychology from Presidency College and completed his other higher degrees in various other prestigious institutes. His Criminology degree led him to analyse critical situations with his exceptional set of crucial skills making him the most eminent professional in the field of Psychology.

His career experience led him to train peers and teens on Life skills, Stress & Time Management Skills, Communication & Addiction Control Skills and also preached Counselling skills for Nursing Students, School Management and Development Skills for teachers through his relevant educational background with his exposure to various workshops, training and expertise in client care.

His Conjunction with other healthcare professionals ensured him to provide the best course of treatment for the client's needs.

He is a Versatalist who renowned himself, involved in Research activities and also got certified in various courses on social status & legal rights of women, psycho-diagnostics and recently took part in India's Largest Career Guidance Digital Conference - the National Building project addressing World Employment Crisis.

He is an enthusiast and an active life member with Clinic Psychological Counselling Centre Councils in International and National levels. He extended his vital role as the Vice-president in All India Psychologist Association, General Secretary in Global Association Psychologist, and Executive Member in Fraternal Psychological Association.

The Excellence that he gained in Human Resource Management course enabled him to handle various people with distinguished behaviours.

His virtue let him to gain the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (HONARIS CAUSA).

His Assessment & various counselling include Substance Abuse, Marital and Bereavement Features, Stress Management, Individual and Family Intervention, Diabetes Related Distress, Client Care and Drug Control, and various treatments include Cognitive therapy, exposure therapy & Behavioural treatment.