Why Counselling


Why Counselling?

Counselling, therapy, or psychotherapy helps the person to vent out their emotion and counselor is not there to give advice which bothers a person. The work of Counselling in individuals is to EMPOWER their thoughts and feelings by rationalizing. The Counselling helps you to find a better version of yourself. Generally Counselling is the process of contacting the therapist to resolve problematic behavior, negative automatic thoughts, emotional instability, relationship issues or psychosomatic problems. A counselor or therapist helps you to share your concern in a safe place and listen to you intently and helps you to understand the root cause along with identifying your thinking pattern and behavior. An action plan and goals will be decided mutually and help them to reconcile by making them clear on their coping mechanism. However YANA Counselling Centre helps the client to self-reclaim themselves by facilitating empowerment to their own self.

How Counselling help

  • It helps the client by giving a safe and confidential environment.
  • It offers them freedom to explore thoughts without being pre-judgmental.
  • It helps them to identify maladaptive behavior and patterns of thoughts.
  • It helps you to prime for “Thought Stopping” and “Thought Watching”
  • It offers clear thought in dealing problems by making it as nothing is permanent.
  • It offers the client to self-reclaim by making them live and think independently.
  • It helps to gain insight in progressing the skill.
  • It helps in treating Common Mental Health issues.

Counselling helps for

Our ultimate goal is to self-reclaim by providing essential mental health service. “Where there is a will there's a way”