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YANA Counselling Centre

YANA (You Are Not Alone) Counselling Centre symbolizes its very own name by standing behind the clients who're in need of psychological assistance in their stagnation, by rendering them inevitable support through the impeccable excellence and years of experiences that are accustomed by our well-versed professionals.

Our centre stands exceptional among others in India by its long run of experience since its establishment in 2018. YANA Counselling Centre was accepted as one among best three rated centres in chennai from past and present year. YANA Counselling Centre is a goal based collaborative personnel which provides individual based supportive counselling, that is not working for a client but along with the client.

YANA - establishes the psychotherapeutic relationship with an individual, by providing assistance through well-qualified professional by focussing and analysing the distress, discomforts, insecurities, and abnormal psychological behaviours and empower those concerned individuals with therapy to accomplish their mental health, wellness, life goals such as career development, education and maintaining good family relationships with well secured client confidentiality

We call it as Willingness

Obtaining support from outside doesn't code for weakness, but a sign of willingness to explore, comprehend and surmount challenges that come across. We believe that it takes courage to explore sensitive feelings and differences.

YANA lends you assurance and support by gathering insights about the cause or need behind the seek of Counselling by analysing your relevant history.

We develop and implement individual treatment plans, specifying type, frequency, intensity and duration of therapy. We treat psychological disorders using various psychological techniques including cognitive therapy, behavior treatment, stress management and exposure therapy. We assess and diagnose psychological functions of individuals using direct observations, interviews and psychometric tests. We take responsibility in managing, planning and coordinating the therapy sessions

Thus, YANA proves that you are not alone...

Areas of expertise

Assessment & Counselling on

Life Skills

Stress Management Skills

Time Management Skills

Communication skills

Rehabilitation and Addiction Control

Marital & Bereavement features

Career and Education related distress programmes

Family intervention Counselling

Substance related distress

Not an Advice giver

The applied work strategy here is to help clients process their thoughts, feelings; comprehend their challenges or concerns; evaluate their ideas, break through or any options; provides them alternate perspectives or ways of thinking to approach their obstacles and ultimately lets them process and finalize better decisions on their own.

We're your daily support

YANA doesn't only call for serious issues but paves a good way for the needy to attain support in overcoming challenges. We also assure you that services include motivational counselling, life skills, stress management skills etc.